About Us

Mark Oberman identified the demand for charter flights to the Channel Islands when he took his first charter flight to Santa Cruz Island on January 1, 1975. In the following year, Mark along with his wife Janie moved Channel Islands Aviation to the Camarillo Airport when it reopened from the Oxnard Air Force Base on October 21, 1976. Channel Islands Aviation has enjoyed four decades as Camarillo Airport’s first full service FBO, is still flying to the islands and is currently operated by two generations of family!

Channel Islands Aviation is one of the longest running affiliates of Cessna Aircraft Company in the country. We became a Cessna Pilot Center, Cessna Service Center and Single Engine Dealer in 1976. When Cessna started building single engine piston airplanes again in 1997, CIA was rebranded as a Cessna Sales Team Authorized Representative through 2011. To this day, CIA remains an active Cessna Pilot Center for flight training and Cessna Service Center for aircraft maintenance.

Channel Islands Aviation has multiple FAA Certificates. We operate an executive charter business with our Part 135 Charter Certificate through CI Jets. We have a Part 145 Repair Station for maintenance and a Part 141 Approved Pilot School. These certificates and approvals make CIA unique as we are the only business at the Camarillo Airport to enjoy all of these approvals under one roof.

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