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Camarillo Airport – (CMA). Camarillo, CA

CloudNine At Camarillo Guarantees Private Aircraft Owners The Utmost In Security, Exclusivity, And Sophistication.

CloudNine is offering four (4) 25,000 sq.ft. individual hangars, each with 5,000 sq.ft. attached of office and shop space. CloudNine Hangars are located at the intimate, uncongested and conveniently situated Camarillo Airport, a prime location for entertainment industry professionals, local executives, international firms, and area residents alike. Innovative, sustainable design and architecture meet premier levels of discretion and comfort. Our sleek, modern, user owned- and-operated facilities provide the finest environment for your aircraft and can be custom-designed to fit your unique needs. Fully flexible lease and purchase options available.

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Strategically Located SoCal Full Service Aircraft Sanctuary. CloudNine Knows Comfort Goes A Long Way Before Every Journey.

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The New Hangar Standard At Camarillo Airport.

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Offering Up To 120,000+ Square Feet Of Private Space, Your Hangar Is Designed Specifically For Your Needs.